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Sunday, July 3rd


Welcome Cocktail:
Musée du Château Ramezay
280 Notre-Dame Street East

Monday, July 4







Words of welcome



Opening remarks

"We Manage as We Are" by Laurent Lapierre




Coffee break



Parallel sessions

Session 1 - Consumer Behaviour                                    Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Anne-Gaëlle Jolivot

Michelle Bergadaà

Le Musée Olympique : la structuration d’un objet culturel à caractère universel à l’aide d’enquêtes qualitatives


Sarah S. Montgomery and Michael Robinson
Take Me Out to the Opera: Are Sports and Arts Complements? Evidence from the Performing Arts Research Coalition Data

Carol Yamamoto
, James Dauer, Maury Collins and Jeff Andreasen
Locating Prospective Performing Arts Patrons: A New Use of a Statistical Model



Session 2 - Consumer Behaviour                                      Room: Gérard-Parizeau

Chair: Antonella Carù

Niall G. Caldwell

The Whipple ‘Time-clock’ Experiment: Measurement of Visitor Engagement in a Small Museum

Christine Petr

The Non Subscribers of a National Stage: Why they Refuse the Season Ticket?

Jennifer Wiggins

We Need your Help!  The Influence of Company-Consumer Relationships on Consumer Responses to Requests for Help



Session 3 – Governance                                                         Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: J. Dennis Rich

Catherine A. Carter
, David Prosperi, Mark Nerenhausen and Elizabeth A. Hude
Advocacy to Agency: The Broward Center for the Performing Arts' Emerging Model for Systems Management

Marta Fumagalli
and Massimiliano Nuccio
Product Orientation in Contemporary Art Organisations: A Model of Parallel Convergence from French and British Experiences   

Christine Harel
et Joahnne Turbide
Crises financières dans le secteur des arts : observations des pratiques de gouvernance



Session 4 - Management Control                                              Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Anne Smith

Dagmar  Abfalter
and Peter J. Mirski
Perceived Success in the Arts                           

Chiara Bernardi

The Strategic Development of Museum: A System Dynamics Approach



Session 5 - Strategic Management                    Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher
Pierre-Jean Benghozi


France Guillemonat
Copyright and Movies Sampling: A New Dilemma in Creation Process                           


Juan D. Montoro-Pons and Manuel Cuadrado
Piracy in the Music Industry: An Economic Approach with Marketing Implications                    


Luigi Proserpio, Severino Salvemini and Valerio Ghiringhelli
Entertainment Pirates: Understanding Piracy Determinants in the Movie, Music and Software Industries





Parallel sessions


Session 6 - Consumer Behaviour                                    Room: Meloche Monnex
Severino Salvemini

Valeria Corna
and Gabriele Troilo
Interpreting the Reading Experience: An Introspective Analysis   

Yves Evrard

Dimensions of Aesthetic Experiences                     

Renaud Legoux
and Donna Sears
Expert Witnesses: The Effect of Expertise on the Pleasure of Experiencing Films           


Session 7 - Consumer Behaviour                                      Room: Gérard-Parizeau
Liisa Uusitalo

Marylouise Caldwell
and Paul Henry
Celebrity Worship, Micro-Communities and Consumer Well-Being

Bernard Cova
and Guilhem Laurans
Le paradoxe du musicien authentique : contribution au marketing de l’authentique

Bruno Godey
et Joëlle Lagier
Le style esthétique dans le domaine du luxe et de l'art : proposition d’une échelle de mesure


Session 8 – Governance                                                         Room: Ordre des CGA
Wendy Reid

Michela Addis
and Marta Fumagalli
What Makes Cities’ Marketing Policies Successful in Sustaining Contemporary Arts and Creating Social Value?

Jennifer Radbourne
and Ruth Rentschler
Arts Governance – Matching Western Models to Asia

Charles Mel Gray

Who’s the Boss?  Governance and Architecture in Medium-Sized Lively Arts Organizations


Session 9 - Management Control                                              Room: Marie-Husny
Chair :
Johanne Turbide

Angela Besana, Chiara de Capoa
and Claudia Gabbioneta
Revising Accounting and Branding of Italian Cultural Firms: Intangible Assets

Ubaldo Macchitella
, Bernardino Provera, Pietro Ietto and Francesco Giustino
Unveiling the “Hidden Value”: A Model for the Economic Evaluation of Film Libraries

Simon Roodhouse
Management Information: Defining the Visual Arts for Managers and Policymakers


Session 10 - Strategic Management                 Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Stephen B. Preece

Pierre-Jean Benghozi
et Thomas Paris
Analyzing the Distribution to Understanding the Markets of Cultural Goods

Hilppa  Sorjonen
and Liisa Uusitalo
Does Market Orientation Influence the Performance of Art Organizations?                      

Mia Stokmans

MOA-Model of Audience Development: Some Theoretical Elaborations and Practical Consequences             



Coffee break


Parallel sessions


Session 11 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Els de Wilde

Alessandro Bollo
and Luca Dal Pozzolo
Analysis of Visitor Behaviour inside the Museum: An Empirical Study

Colette Dufresne-Tassé
, A. Weltzl-Fairchild and M.C. O’Neill
Au-delà de l’observation et de l’entretien post-visite, un moyen plus puissant d’étudier l’expérience du visiteur de musée

Laura Legrenzi
and Gabriele Troilo
The Impact of Exhibit Arrangement on Visitors’ Emotions: A Study at the Victoria & Albert Museum


Session 12 - Consumer Behaviour                                    Room: Gérard-Parizeau

Chair: Manuel Cuadrado

Victor Fernández-Blanco
, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez and Luis Orea
Movie Enthusiasts versus Cinemagoers in Spain: A Latent Class Model Approach

Juliette Passebois-Ducros

Comment la fidélité des visiteurs de musées d’art se construit-elle? Une proposition de modélisation       

Alain d’Astous
, François Colbert and Imene Mbarek
What Makes People Want to Read a Book? - An Experimental Study



Session 13 – Volunteers                                                         Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: to be determined

Gesa Birnkraut

Volunteerism in the Arts – Major Opportunity or Downfall for Institutions and Its Audience?

Helen Bussell
and Deborah Forbes
Volunteer Management in Arts Organisations:  A Case Study and Managerial Implications

Kirsten Holmes

Volunteering in the UK Museums Sector: The Case of Aspiring Museum Professionals


Session 14 - Public Management                                              Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Kevin Mulcahy

Stefano Baia Curioni
and Luca Martinazzoli
Museum and Urban Regeneration – Stylization of the Decision Making Process  

Annukka Jyrämä
and Eeva-Katri Ahola,
Facilitating Creative Dialogue - The Role of the Mediating Organization in Enabling the Joint Practices Between Artistic Talents and City or Business Structures

Pier Luigi Sacco
and Giorgio Tavano Blessi
European Capitals of Culture and Local Development Strategies: Comparing the Genoa 2004 and Lille 2004 Cases


Session 15 - Strategic Management                 Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Suzanne Burns

Fernando Alberti, Chiara Bernardi, Davide Moro and Alessandro Sinatra
The Embryonic Evolution of Museum Networks: Evidences from a Network Analysis


Paola Dubini and Elena Raviola
Emerging Business Models in Content Industries


Sébastien Dubois
The French Poetry Economy: Strategies, Stakes and Methods

Tuesday, July 5


Parallel sessions


Session 16 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Marylouise Caldwell


Alain d'Astous, François Colbert and Estelle d'Astous
A Scale for Measuring the Personality of Festivals                                       


Carole Martinez et Florence Euzéby
Proposition d’échelles de mesure des réactions aux bandes-annonces cinématographiques           


Anne Krebs et Florence Caro
Cross-Impact of a Measuring Instrument and Its Organizational Context: The Case of the Louvre Museum



Session 17 - Strategic Marketing                                        Room: Gérard-Parizeau

Chair: Jennifer Radbourne


Corinne Berneman et Nicolas Rubbo
Placement de produit : opinions des managers et pratiques dans le cinéma américain


Beverley June Thompson (Presenter: Nicole Stegemann)
Sponsorship as a Form of Fundraising in the Arts: A Bilateral Perspective Involving Relationship Marketing


Dorothee Verdaasdonk
The Impact of Festival Showing and Awards on the Programming of Movies at the Box Office in The Neatherlands


Session 18 – Leadership                                                        Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Laurent Lapierre


Alex de Voogt
Dual Leadership as a Problem-Solving Tool in Arts Organizations


Bengt Olof  Olsson
Leadership in Creative Environments - A Descriptive and Prescriptive Study of Perceived Norms in Leadership                         


Wendy Reid
Institutionalized, Mandated Dual Leadership in Nonprofit Arts Organizations: One Conceptualization of the Phenomenon and its Implications for Organizational Effectiveness



Session 19 - International Perspectives                                  Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Jean-Pierre Le Goff


Ian Baxter
Heritage Values: The Current Role of Management Information in the UK Historic Environment Sector                      


Agust Einarsson
The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Music Industry – Structure and Management


Shang-Ying Chen
Constructing Cultural Indicator System of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Session 20 - Strategic Management                 Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Stephen Boyle


Anne Gombault et Laurence Harribey
Quand le musée du Louvre part en campagne : les leçons de l’expérience d’un projet d’éducation au patrimoine sur un territoire rural


Luciana Lazzeretti
Museum Systems in Italy : The Case of Tuscany


Carol Scott
Museums and Impact – How Do we Measure the Impact of Museums?



Coffee break


Parallel sessions


Session 21 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: François Courvoisier


Stéphane Debenedetti
Le rôle de la critique de presse dans le champ de l’industrie culturelle                     


Hilary Glow
On the Margins: A Study of the Representation of the Arts in the News Pages of the Newspaper


Carla Stalling-Huntington
Marketing Professional Ballet:  A Pas de Six – Three Cases and their Audiences, Box Office Receipts, and Patrons


Session 22 - Strategic Marketing                                        Room: Gérard-Parizeau

Chair: Michael Quine


Isabelle Assassi
The Influence of Theaters' Programming Strategy on their Relations with Artistic Production Companies: An Analysis Based on the French Experience


Rickard Wahlberg
Buying Behaviour of Theatre Distribution Agents – Case Studies of the Purchase of Performances in Swedish Theatre Associations


Fabrice Larceneux and Greg Joye
Pourquoi les mécènes sont-ils fidèles?



Session 23 – Leadership                                                        Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Anne Smith


Elmar D. Konrad and Martin Hoegl
Top Management’s Social Skills and External Ties and the Success of Privately Held Arts and Culture Organizations


Marja Soila-Wadman and Ann-Sofie Köping
Stories of Leadership in Art and Culture Creating Organizations


Julie Jodoin et Laurent Lapierre
Mythe et réalité des chefs d’orchestres: leçons pour le management


Session 24 - International Perspectives                                  Room: Marie-Husny
Simon Roodhouse


Suzette Major and Anna Connell
From Arts Management to Creative Industries



Session 25 - Strategic Management                 Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Pierre-Jean Benghozi


Fabrizio Montanari and Antonio Cianfagna
How Embeddedness and Social Mechanisms Affect the Economic Performance in the Music Industry: The Case of Mescal Music


Ruth Towse
Managing Copyrights in the Cultural Industries


Geoffrey William Goddin
Is Managing Traditionality More Important than Managing Change? The Challenge for Strategic Management in Heritage Transport Societies





Guided Tour:

- La Cité des Arts du Cirque

- L'École nationale de cirque

- Le Cirque du Soleil

Wednesday, July 6


Parallel sessions


Session 26 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Els de Wilde


Njordur Sigurjonsson
Young Audience Development and Aesthetics: John Dewey’s pragmatist philosophy and its implications for orchestra management


Danielle Bouder-Pailler et Leïla Damak
Quelle est l’influence du design de l’espace de diffusion de l’art sur les attitudes et comportements des consommateurs?


Anne-Marie Émond
Between Talk and Silence: The Friendly Stranger and the Reception of Contemporary Art


Deborah Hayes and Nicola MacLeod,
Packaging Places: Maximising the Potential of the Heritage Trail by Adopting an Experience Economy Perspective


Session 27 - Product and Brand Management               Room: Gérard-Parizeau

Chair: Carol Scott


Armando Cirrincione and Stefano Pace
How Museum’s Brand Name Affect the Perception Through Imaginative Experience: An Empirical Investigation


Caroline Lacroix, Philippe Drago et Jean-François Ouellet
Les facteurs clés de succès de l’exportation de concepts télévisés : le cas de la série Un gars, une fille en France et au Québec


Thomas Heskia
Library Fundraising - Contribution to Finance or Mere Communication? A Case Study of the Austrian National Library


Session 28 - Organisational Behaviour                              Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Ruth Towse


Silvia Bagdadli and Chiara Paolino
The Institutional Change of Italian Public Museums between Legitimacy and Efficiency: Do Museum Directors Have a Role?


Stephen Boyle
The Impact of Changes to Organisational Structure on the Professional and Organisational Identity of Symphony Musicians


Antony Conway and Jeryl Whitelock
Relationship Marketing in the Subsidised Arts: An Important Role for Internal Marketing 


Session 29 - International Perspectives                                  Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Alessandro Bollo


Ekaterina Shekova
Finances of Russian State Museums: Significant Changes in the Period 1990 to 2003 


Maria Tajtakova, Dagmar Klepochová and Štefan Žák
The Attitudes of Students Towards Opera and Ballet: Attendance, Motivations, Barriers and Expectations


Nelly van der Geest
Theatre and Museums in Times of Diversity - Intercultural Processes in the Arts in The Netherlands


Session 30 - Strategic Management                 Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: To be determined


Marcelo Milano Falcao Vieira,  Cristina Amélia Carvalho and Rosimeri Carvalho da Silva
Champs organisationnels: du wallpaper à la construction historique du contexte des organisations culturelles au Brésil


Allègre Hadida
The Impact of Perfectly Mobile Resources on Project Performance: Evidence from the American Film Industry


Linda Ludwin
High Speed, High Pressure Learning in UK Feature Film Units




Coffee break


Parallel sessions


Session 31 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Anne-Gaëlle Jolivot


Brigitte Auriacombe, Isabelle Chalamon and Séverine Le Loarne
You Shouldn’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Contractual Relations, Commitment and Loyalty Outcomes


Jean-François Ouellet et Philippe Drago
Achat ou téléchargement  de la  musique chez les consommateurs: exploration du rôle des réponses  à l’artiste et à la musique


Session 32 - Product and Brand Management                 Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Michelle Bergadaà


Renate Grau and Lydia Wimmer
Strategies of Aesthetic Engineering – The Production of Fiction Books and Digital Communication Applications


Manuela de Carlo and Francesca d'Angella
Strategic Repositioning of Heritage Destinations through Large-Scale Events Management               


Bonita M. Kolb
A Model for Developing the Arts as a Tourist Product


Session 33 - Organisational Behaviour                                   Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Silvia Bagdadli


Elena Levshina, Irina Khiginskaya and Sergey Shternin
Information Technologies in the Russian Theatrical Business


Jennifer Radbourne
Issues of Collective Leadership in Building a Business with Indigenous Artists - An Arts Management Case Study


Session 34 - International Perspectives          Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Kevin Mulcahy


Schalk Fredericks
Funding for Arts and Culture in the New South Africa


Maria Naimark and J. Dennis Rich
The Context for the Cultural Policy – Old World and New World


Anu Kivilo
Corporate Support for the Arts in a Small Country in Transition:  The Experience and Motivation Factors for Corporate Patronage and Sponsorship in Estonia


Ann-Sofie Köping
Relations in Trans-national Cultural Projects – A Narrative Approach





Parallel sessions


Session 35 - Consumer Behaviour                                  Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Els de Wilde


Dominique Bourgeon-Renault, Caroline Urbain,  Christine Petr,  Anne Gombault and Marine Legall
Approche « expérientielle » de la valeur de consommation culturelle : le cas des musées et des monuments


Hugo J.A Verdaasdonk
The Use of 'Internal' Knowledge in Differentiating among Fiction Titles                             


Taru Virtanen
Dimensions of Taste for Cultural Consumption - A Cross-Cultural Study on Young Europeans


Session 36 – Product and Brand Management                Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Corinne Berneman


Clarence Bayne
Life-cycle Analysis and Change by Design: Applying Business Process Re-engineering in the Performing Arts


Francesco Chiaravalloti
Performance Management for Performing Arts - A Framework for the Evaluation of Artistic Quality in Public Professional Opera Houses 


Gabriele Troilo
Building and Managing Different Concepts of Contemporary Art Museums


Session 37 – Organisational Behaviour                                  Room: Marie-Husny

Chair: Michael Quine


Ralph  Bathurst, Lloyd Williams and Anne Rodda
Letting Go of the Rei[g]n: Developments within an Orchestra in a Time Change


Joan Jeffri and David Throsby
Life After Dance: Career Transition of Professional Dancers


Anne-Marie Quigg
The Resonance of le Harcèlement Moral, Mobbing or Bullying in the Performing Arts Workplace


Session 38 – International Perspectives         Room: Nancy et Michel-Gaucher

Chair: Maria Naimark


Marcel Meler
Arts and Cultural Marketing — Croatian Theoretical and Practical Experiences


Saliou Ndour
Le développement des industries culturelles : une exigence de l’Afrique dans le contexte de la mondialisation


Dejana Prnjat
Remarks on Cultural Policy and Theatre Activities in Belgrade 1945-1980


Session 39 A – Poster Sessions       Room: Demers Beaulne / Dutailier International


François H. Courvoisier et Fabienne Courvoisier
La gestion de la relation client dans les institutions culturelles   


Theresa Kirchner
The Nature and Effects of Government Support for Non-Profit Arts Organizations: Strategic Management and Marketing Implications


Benita Lipps

Much Ado About Nothing? Marketing Cooperations in the Performing Arts


Monica Masucci and Elena Raviola
Special Art Exhibitions and Local Impact: A Comparative Case Study


Tabitha Ramsey White and Ruth Rentschler
Toward a New Understanding of the Social Impact of the Arts                   


Fabio Severino
The Biggest Event of the World: La Notte Bianca in Rome               


Shin-Chieh Tzeng
A Comparative Study of Museum Governance in the UK and in Taiwan


Roel Wijland
Mythmakers and Meaning Merchants: Poetic Brandscapes  in New Zealand



Coffee break


Parallel sessions


Session 39 B – Poster Sessions           Room: Demers Beaulne / Dutailier International



Session 40 – Programming                                                Room: Meloche Monnex

Chair: Suzanne Burns


Manuel Cuadrado and Carmen Pérez-Cabañero
The Process of Programming in the Performing Arts - An Empirical Research in Spain

Stephen B. Preece
Creative Collaborations Involving Theatre for Young People


Session 41 – Product and Brand Management                Room: Ordre des CGA

Chair: Pierre-François Ouellet


Alain d'Astous, François Colbert, Antonella Carù, François Courvoisier and Marylouise Caldwell
Product-Country Images in the Arts: Preliminary Findings from an Ongoing Research Program


Beverley June Thompson and Nicole Stegemann
Brand Equity and the Cultural Event: The Amalgamation of Multiple Brands for a Unified Marketing Communications Performance



Session 42 – Arts Management                                                 Room: Marie-Husny


Philippe Agid, Anna Cournac et Jean-Claude Tarondeau
Systèmes de gouvernance des maisons d’opéras et choix des programmations


Pierre Korzilius et Bernard Bovier-Lapierre
The Road to Salvation? Berlin's New Opera Foundation and its Impact on Public Policy in the Cultural Sector in Germany

Winston M. Licona Calpe and Rodrigo Vélez B
The Cultural Management Philosophy



Plenary session


Conference Gala Dinner:

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke Street West

Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management,
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