Ari Van Assche

Associate Professor/Department Chair
Department of International Business

HEC Montréal



Working Papers

The Dynamics of Industrial Clustering: A Network Approach to Evolving Local and Trans-local Linkages,” (with Ekaterina Turkina and Raja Kali), May 2015.

“Multinationals, Offshoring Status, and Economic Performance” (with Jianmin Tang), March 2015.

“Global Connectedness and the Flattening of Clusters,” (with Ekaterina Turkina), January 2015.

Product Distance, Institutional Distance and FDI,” (with Alyson Ma), May 2014. Under review.

“The Role of Trade Costs in Global Production Networks. Evidence from China’s Processing Trade Regime” (with Alyson Ma), World Bank Working Paper No. 5490, December 2010.


Journal Articles

“Spatial Linkages and Export Processing Location in China” (with Alyson Ma), World Economy, forthcoming.

“Global Value Chains and Trade Elasticities (with Byron Gangnes and Alyson Ma), Economics Letters, 124(3), September 2014, pp. 482-486.

“Is East Asia’s Economic Fate Chained to the West?” (with Alyson Ma), Transnational Corporations Review 5(3), September 2013, pp. 1-17 (lead article).

“Contracting Institutions and Ownership Structure in International Joint Ventures” (with Galina Schwartz), Journal of Development Economics 103, July 2013, pp. 124-132.

“China’s Exports in a World of Increasing Oil Prices” (with Byron Gangnes and Alyson Ma), Multinational Business Review 19(2), pp. 133-151, June 2011. An earlier working paper version is available under the title  “Is Our World Going to Get A Whole Lot Smaller?”, CIRANO Scientific Papers 2011s-31, February 2011.

“HIV/AIDS and Time Allocation in Rural Malawi” (with Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Philippe Anglewicz, Peter Fleming and Catherine van de Ruit), Demographic Research, 24, May 2011, pp. 671-708.

"Electronics Production Upgrading: Is China Exceptional?” (with Byron Gangnes), Applied Economics Letters 17(5), March 2010, pp. 477-482.

"Input Specificity and Global Sourcing," (with Galina Schwartz), Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 24(1), March 2010, pp. 69-85.

“Global Production Networks and China’s Processing Trade” (with Alyson Ma and Chang Hong), Journal of Asian Economics 20(6), November 2009, pp. 640-654.

“China’s Trade in Crisis” (with Alyson Ma), AIB Insights 9(2), October 2009, pp. 11-15.

When China Sneezes, Asia Catches a Cold: Effects of China’s Export Decline in the Realm of the Global Economic Crisis” (with Alyson Ma), Bureau of European Policy Advisers Monthly Brief Issue 27 (Special Issue on Trade Policy), June 2009, pp. 32-36.

Modularity and the Organization of International Production,” Japan and the World Economy, 20, August 2008, pp. 353-368.

HIV Does not Disproprotionately Affect the Poor in Sub-Saharan Africa” (with Vinod Mishra, Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Robert Greener, Martin Vaessen, Rathavuth Hong, Peter Ghys, Ties Boerma, Shane Khan and Shea Rutstein), AIDS 27 (Suppl 7) December 2007, pp. S17-S28.

"Regulation, Market Structure and Service Trade Liberalization" (with Denise Konan), Economic Modelling 24:6, November 2007, pp. 895-923.

Fragmentation and East Asia’s Information Technology Trade” (with Carl Bonham and Byron Gangnes), Applied Economics 39:2, February 2007, pp. 215-228.

China’s Electronics Exports: Just A Standard Trade Theory Case”, Policy Options, Vol. 27, No. 6, July/August 2006, pp. 79-82.


Edited Books

Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities, (with Stephen Tapp and Robert Wolfe, forthcoming.

L’économie du Québec : contexte et enjeux internationaux, (with Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné and Thierry Warin, June 2015. 


Book Chapters

“Global Value Chains and the Trade-Income Relationship: Implications for the Recent Trade Slowdown” (with Byron Gangnes and Alyson Ma), forthcoming.

“Global Value Chains and the Rise of A Supply Chain Mindset.” In Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities, forthcoming.

Product Modularity and the Rise of Global Value Chains: Insights from the Electronics Industry” (with Byron Gangnes), forthcoming in Tendencias Economicas emergentes en América del Norte. Nuevos patrones en la organizacion de la produccion.

La belle province dans le nouveau monde: l’histoire du Petit poucet?” (with Thierry Warin and Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné). Introduction in Thierry Warin, Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné and Ari Van Assche (eds.), L’économie du Québec : contexte et enjeux internationaux, June 2015, pp. 1-14. 

“Le Québec, le Canada, et les chaines de valeur mondiales,” chapter 2 in Thierry Warin, Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné and Ari Van Assche (eds.), L’économie du Québec : contexte et enjeux internationaux, June 2015, pp. 59-81. 

“Les chaînes de valeur mondiales et la politique de commerce du Québec,” chapter 10 in Thierry Warin, Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, and Ari Van Assche (eds.), L’économie du Québec : contexte et enjeux internationaux, June 2015, pp. 249-265. 

“L’AECG: Un accord de deuxième génération en lien avec la nouvelle réalité du commerce international”. Preface in Van Overmeire, X., Les grandes lignes de l’Accord économique et commercial global entre le Canada et l’Union européenne. Lexis Nexis : Montréal, March 2015, pp. v-vii.

Vertical Specialization, Tariff Shirking and Trade” (with Alyson Ma), Chapter 5 in Benno Ferrarini and David Hummels (eds.), Asia and Global Production Networks: Implications for Trade, Incomes and Economic Vulnerability, Asian Development Bank and Edward Elgar Publishing, London, December 2014, pp. 148-178.

 Global Production Networks in Electronics and Intra-Asian Trade” (with Byron Gangnes). Chapter 4 in Timo Henckel (ed.), Sustaining Development and Growth in East Asia, Routledge, London, October 2012.

¿Cuáles países se convierten en plataformas de ensamble final?Chapter in Isaac Minian and Elisa Davalos (Eds.) Redes globales y regionales de produccion, Instito de Investigaciones Economicas-CISAN-UNAM, pp. 93-118.

China’s Role in Global Production Networks” (with Alyson Ma). Chapter in Aaron Sydor (Ed.), - Global Value Chains: Impact and Implications, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, October 2011, pp. 127-156.

Global Production Networks in the Post-Crisis Era” (with Alyson Ma). In M. Haddad and B. Shepherd (eds.), Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis, World Bank, Washington, D.C., March 2011, pp. 275-286.

China and the Future of Asian Technology Trade” (with Byron Gangnes). Chapter 14 in Linda Yueh (Ed.), The Future of Asian Trade and Growth, Routledge, London, December 2009, pp. 343-369.

“Compétitivité internationale de la Chine: Une réalité à réévaluer” (with Chang Hong and Veerle Slootmaekers), Le Québec à l’heure de la mondialisation, CIRANO, Montréal, October 2008, pp. 37-54. English version published as “China’s International Competitiveness: Reassessing the Evidence,” Licos Discussion Paper 205/2008, April 2008. 

V6 Documentation - Chapter 11.Q: Tunisia.(with Denise Konan) In B. Dimaranan (Ed.), Global Trade, Assistance, and Production: The GTAP 6 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University, 2006.

Other Publications

The Rise of Global Value Chains: Implications for Canadian Trade and Competition Policies,” IRPP Study No. 31, June 2012.

Asia and Global Value Chains” (with Alyson Ma), Box in Asian Development Outlook 2012, April 2012, pp. 20-21.

“Emerging East Asia Remains Chained to the West,” UHERO Forecast Report, November, 2011.

 Review of Services and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific,” by P.W. Daniels and J.W. Harrington, Asia-Pacific Economic Literature 23:1, May 2009, p. 117.

Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragon Fly? China’s Role in Global Production NetworksRapport Bourgogne/Burgundy Report 2009RB03, CIRANO, January 2009.

Review of Harnessing Globalization: A Review of East Asian Case Studies,” by Henry Y. Wan, Jr. (Ed.), Asia-Pacific Economic Literature 21:2, November 2007, pp. 57-58.

Doit-on réellement craindre le péril jaune? Opinion piece on China’s competitive threat in La Presse, December 11, 2006.

Opinion Pieces

“Is “Made in Canada” the new “Made in China”,” Huffington Post Canada, October 15, 2012.

“Restricting Chinese investment may be good politics, but it is bad economics,Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, September 12, 2012.

La face cachée du « fabriqué en Chine »,” Opinion piece on China’s role in global production networks, La Presse, April 18, 2011.

Une crainte exagérée,” Opinion piece on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Incident in La Presse, June 1, 2009.
















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