This is the second major concept in distribution, i.e. the extent of market exposure through the distribution network. Very, very important.

5.    Which of the following statements about ideal market exposure is true?

    a)    It is necessary to get almost 100 percent market exposure to justify national promotion.
        It would be great to have a 100 percent market exposure, but a) this is not always required, and b) it is quite difficult to obtain. So, 100 percent market exposure is not necessarily a prerequisite for national advertising.

    b)    As a firm goes from exclusive to intensive distribution, it loses progressively more control over price and service offered by retailers.
    Yes, this is true, because the more middlemen are involved, the less control the company has over how products are distributed.

    c)    Intensive distribution means trying to sell through all retail stores.
    No, intensive distribution means having the product available in a large number of retail stores so that the product is available in many places, but not all stores are adequate for all types of products. (beware of statements like "all", "never", "always", etc. in multiple choice questions, they are generally not the right answer...)

    d)    A producer usually should seek maximum market exposure.
    No, because for some product categories or specific brands, a producer may want to favor exclusive or selective distribution to keep in line with its positioning.

    e)    All of the above are true.
    Well, obviously not.