Again a question from the control chapter (20).

28.    When involved in the control process, the marketing manager should view company profit

    a)    as the test of whether or not the marketing mix is successful.
This is not true, because, as we often mentioned, marketing is only one component of the total company's effort to achieve profits.

    b)    as a gross index of performance that should be further broken down into smaller components.
This is much better. Actually, it is even the right answer! When profits are further broken down, particularly into a profit and loss statement, a marketing manager can evaluate sales and selling/marketing expenses, etc.

    c)    as a guide to future operations.
No, profit is not used in marketing as a guide to future operations. It could be in finance or R&D, since profits and positive cash flows will impact on what the company is likely to do with its excess money.

    d)    all of the above are true.
Not true.

    e)     none of the above are true.
Not true either.