This is definitely a good test for the essay question you will have on the exam. If you tried to answer before looking at what is suggested, you probably would have immediately realized that answer a) is the correct one.

We have a heterogeneous product, therefore selective distribution is the best alternative, intensive distribution is too risky for a technical product and exclusive distribution is best for specialty products. This eliminates automatically answers c), d) and e). Since the product also has unique features, it can definitely appeal to an elite market, and therefore, skimming pricing is the best option, thus eliminiting answer b). Also, we need some pioneering advertising to inform the target market (remember, pioneering advertising is used for new products, to stimulate primary demand), and we also need some «push» policy, to encourage the dealers and retailers to stock the product and service the consumer.

26.    Toshiba has developed a really new consumer electronics item - a heterogeneous shopping product with unique patented features. It probably should use a marketing mix of:

    a)    selective distribution, skimming pricing, pioneering advertising, and a «push» policy.

    b)    selective distribution, penetration pricing, persuasive adverting, and a «pull» policy.
    c)    intensive distribution, persuasive advertising, price dealing, and a «push» policy.
    d)    exclusive distribution, price cutting, reminder advertising, and a «push» policy.
    e)    exclusive distribution, penetration pricing, informative and persuasive advertising, and a «pull» policy.