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18.    A producer of country music CDs pays a share of local retailers' costs to get them to promote its new releases. This is an example of:

    a)    co-operative advertising.
    Indeed: when producer and retailer share the cost of advertising, it called co-operative (or co-op) advertising. The Intel Inside campaign - although between two producers - is also an example of co-op advertising.

    b)    selective advertising.
    This is pure fiction, the term does not exist.

    c)    comparative advertising.
    This is the type of advertising where two or more brands are compared in the same ad.

    d)    pioneering advertising.
    A type of advertising that is supposed to stimulate primary demand at the product introduction stage. The term is not very common.

    e)    institutional advertising.
    Campaigns such as that for steel or just to increase awareness of the company name rather than the product is called institutional advertising.