Advertising objectives - just like any type of objective - require that they contain a number of things:
    1-    what you want to do (increase awareness, create preferences, etc.)
           remember that advertising objectives are more specific, i.e. they relate to how communication works, than more general, marketing objectives.
    2-   to whom you want to say it (target market)
    3-   a quantified result
    4-    the time in which you want to achieve that objective.

If you look carefully at all the answers, the only statement that contains all four components is d). All the other ones have something "wrong" with it. I suggest you identify where they are wrong.

17.    Which of the following is the best example of an advertising objective?

    a)     "We want to increase profits, and that will require significantly expanding sales of our product."
    b)    "We want to win an advertising industry artistic award for the creative effort on the ad."
    c)    "We want to make older consumers aware of our product, since they have the greatest need."
    d)    "We want 35 percent of our target customers to be aware of our new product within the next two months."
    e)    "We want to generate enough interest in our product that middlemen will be willing to stock it."