Also similar to one of the questions you had on quiz #5. Easy to answer.

16.    A lawn care firm selling by phone to people listed in the telephone directory should use which of the following sales presentations.

    a)    prepared sales presentation.
    Of course, this is the right approach, since the sales pitch must be quick - you don't want to waste time finding out what the customer wants and at the same time, you want to give as much relevant information in a short time span, because it is unsollicited selling.

    b)    target market presentation.
    I don't think so.

    c)    consultative selling approach.
    Takes too much time: the product is simple and standardized, you don't want to mess around with finding out how the service can help the consumer. They know already.

    d)    selling formula approach.
    In unsollicited telephone selling, there is no time to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of the service. The other important factor is that with either consultative or selling formula approaches, you might forget to mention some important details which might be of interest to the consumer.

    e)    target marketing.
    If the method hadn't used the telephone directory, but rather previous clients, for instance, we could have doubted. However, target marketing is certainly not a type of sales presentation.