We are still in the area of personal selling. This question is very similar to the one you had in the last quiz, so it should have been a real piece of cake! Unless you didn't read till the end... The correct answer is e).

15.    Regarding sales force payment methods:

    a)    straight commission offers the most incentive for the salesperson.
    Salespeople thrive on challenges, therefore they will enjoy the benefits of commission. This doesn't preclude that in some situations it may be frustrating, but as a general rule, commissions is what stimulates salespeople.
    b)    straight salary provides the most security for the salesperson and control for the sales manager.
    How boring... to do so many efforts to close a sale and then not being rewarded for that extra mile the salesperson went through. However, it definitely is what gives salespeople the most security and for the sales manager, the best way to control expenses, since the costs are known in advance.

    c)    it is common to sacrifice some simplicity to gain more flexibility, incentive, or control.
    Yes, straight salary is the most simple form of payment, but most companies (and salespeople) prefer to have a bit more complicated plan, but be more stimulated by commissions or other types of extra payments.

    d)    combination plans offer some degree of security, incentive, and control.
    True as well.

    e)    all of the above are true.