We are still in this fabulous area of promotional efforts. This question is a relatively easy one on promotional strategy. Don't tell me you missed this one!

11.    A producer using normal promotion efforts - personal selling, sales promotion, and advertising - to help sell a whole marketing mix to possible channel members, has:

    a)    an intensive distribution policy.
    We're talking promotion here, not distribution.

    b)    a pushing policy.
    Indeed: when the promotional effort is geared at the channel members, as opposed to final users, we're talking of a pushing or "push" policy.

    c)    a pulling policy.
    Wrong: a pulling policy means orienting the promotional effort to the final users, who, we expect, will "pull" the product through the channel.

    d)    a selective distribution policy.
    Again, this is not a question on distribution.

    e)    a target marketing policy.
    Yes, maybe, but that was not the question.