Nicolas Vincent



The Cyclicality of Sales and Aggregate Price Flexibility (with Oleksiy Kryvtsov), R&R Review of Economic Studies. [Supplementary material]

Paralyzed by Fear: Rigid and Discrete Pricing under Demand Uncertainty (with Cosmin Ilut and Rosen Valchev), NBER Working Paper #22490. R&R Econometrica.

Inequality and debt in a model with heterogeneous agents (with Federico Ravenna), Economic Letters, 123(2), May 2014, 177-182.

Virtual Borders (with Jean Boivin and Robert Clark), Journal of International Economics 86(2), March 2012, 327-336.

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What Explains the Lagged Investment Effect? (with Janice Eberly and Sergio Rebelo), Journal of Monetary Economics, 59(4), May 2012, 370-380.

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Investment, Cash Flow and Value : A Neoclassical Benchmark (with Janice Eberly and Sergio Rebelo), NBER Working Paper #13866

Working papers and current projects

Location, Location, Location: Industrial Structure and House Prices (with Xiangyu Feng, Nir Jaimovich, Stephen Terry and Krishna Rao), April 2018, draft on the way.

Growing Productivity without Growing Wages: The Micro-Level Anatomy of the Aggregate Labor Share Decline, 2017 (with Matthias Kehrig)

Do Firms Mitigate or Magnify Capital Misallocation? Evidence from Plant-Level Data (with Matthias Kehrig), 2017.

Financial Frictions and Investment Dynamics in Multi-Plant Firms (with Matthias Kehrig)

Price Stickiness in Customer Markets with Reference Prices

Robust Equilibrium Yield Curves (with Isaac Kleshchelski)


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