Nicolas Vincent



The Micro-Level Anatomy of the Labor Share Decline, 2018 (with Matthias Kehrig), submitted

The Cyclicality of Sales and Aggregate Price Flexibility (with Oleksiy Kryvtsov), R&R Review of Economic Studies. [Supplementary material]

Paralyzed by Fear: Rigid and Discrete Pricing under Demand Uncertainty (with Cosmin Ilut and Rosen Valchev), NBER Working Paper #22490. R&R Econometrica.

Inequality and debt in a model with heterogeneous agents (with Federico Ravenna), Economic Letters, 123(2), May 2014, 177-182.

Virtual Borders (with Jean Boivin and Robert Clark), Journal of International Economics 86(2), March 2012, 327-336.

Market Share and Price Rigidity (with Isaac Kleshchelski), Journal of Monetary Economics 56(3), April 2009, 344-352.

What Explains the Lagged Investment Effect? (with Janice Eberly and Sergio Rebelo), Journal of Monetary Economics, 59(4), May 2012, 370-380.

Individual Price Adjustment along the Extensive Margin (with Etienne Gagnon and David Lopez-Salido), 2012 NBER Macro Annual Volume.

Taux de change et decisions d’investissement au Canada: une analyse au niveau de l’emplacement (with Laurent Da Siva), Canadian Public Policy, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3 2012.

An Empirical Investigation of Capacity-Contingent Pricing in the Airline Industry (with Robert Clark), Journal of Air Transport Management, 24 (2012), 7-11.

Investment, Cash Flow and Value : A Neoclassical Benchmark (with Janice Eberly and Sergio Rebelo), NBER Working Paper #13866

Working papers and current projects

Location, Location, Location: Industrial Structure and House Prices (with Xiangyu Feng, Nir Jaimovich, Stephen Terry and Krishna Rao), October 2018, slides here, draft on the way.

Do Firms Mitigate or Magnify Capital Misallocation? Evidence from Plant-Level Data (with Matthias Kehrig), 2017.

Good Dispersion, Bad Dispersion (with Matthias Kehrig)

Price Stickiness in Customer Markets with Reference Prices

Robust Equilibrium Yield Curves (with Isaac Kleshchelski)


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